SEAWAG Waterproof Smart Phone Case and Armband

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o 100% waterproof, snowproof and dust proof

o Snap pictures and videos underwater in depths upto 25m/80ft

o Universally compatible.

o Comfortably use all touch screen functionalities in any environment

o IPX8 tested in depths up to 25m/80ft

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Ideal for taking pictures and videos underwater, this universally compatible SEAWAG smart phone waterproof case and armband will save your phone from its next jump into the water, or next exposure to the sand, dust, snow and more! These waterproof cases are tested in water depth of 25 meters / 80 feet! So your phone is now protected, wherever you go! Touchscreen capabilities remain perfectly accessible when the device is in your SEAWAG, and so you’ll be able to use all functions and make calls as you would usually do. 

What comes in the box:

o SEAWAG waterproof case

o Matching neck strap

o Armband