Getaway Luggage Tag - "Available For Weekends"

كل الأسعار شاملة ضريبة القيمة المضافة

Key Features

  • Leatherette-made luggage tag
  • Metallic sangria interior 
  • Metallic gold hardware

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أنت تقيم Getaway Luggage Tag - "Available For Weekends"
معلومات أكثر
حالة المنتج جديد
الماركة بان-دو
وزن المنتج "0.3KG"
الأبعاد "3 x 4.5 inches"
اللون زهري
الحجم N/A
مادة الصنع "Leatherette"

It's the time to say goodbye to confusion at airports when you are trying to decide which bags or suitcases are yours. Just place this luggage tag from on your luggage and rest reassured that you will easily find them for a delightful trip whatever your destination is. 

What comes in the box: N/A

Warranty: N/A