Happy-Nes Clutch Straps-That's The Idea

كل الأسعار شاملة ضريبة القيمة المضافة

Key Features:

  • 100% handmade.
  • Maximum carrying weight is 3 KG.
  • Length 80 cm.
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معلومات أكثر
حالة المنتج جديد
الماركة هابي نيس
وزن المنتج "249 grams"
الأبعاد "800 mm"
اللون هذه هي الفكره
الحجم N/A

Feel different and add a unique flavor to your bags with the new and trendy bag strap from Happy-Nes. The bag strap is specially designed with many different, special and technical yarns, and is 100% hand made. You can change your ordinary every-day use bag to a chic and fancy bag while using your Happy-Nes bag strap. With the adjustable length of the strap, you can make it shorter with a simple knot, or make as many knots as you want. You can use it just as an accessory, as a shoulder strap or as a handle for your bag. You can also attach your purses to find them easier in your bags.

What comes in the box:

Happy-Nes clutch strap